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Chinese Inn

  • Famous Chinese Restaurant
  • Avg. Delivery Time
  • 00:35
  • Min. Delivery Amount
  • Rs. 0.00
  • Delivery Hours
  • 11:00:00 - 22:15:00 AND 00:00:00 - 00:00:00
15 User Reviews

Non Veg Starters

C.I. Special Fish (Dry/Gravy)

Schezuan Fish Dry

Chicken Lemon Dry

8 Pcs

Garlic Chilli Chicken Gravy Full

Chicken Ginger+Garlic (Dry/Gravy)

Manchurian Prawn (Dry/Gravy)

Crispy Chilli Chicken

12 Pcs

Chilli Fish (Dry/Gravy)

Garlic Prawn (Dry/Gravy)

Chicken Chilli Garlic Half (Gravy)

Ginger Onion Fish (Dry/Gravy)

Chilli Prawn (Dry/Gravy)

Chilli Chicken (Dry/Gravy)

8 Pcs

Schezuan Prawn (Dry/Gravy)

Garlic Prawn Prawn (Dry/Gravy)

Schezuan Fish Gravy

C.I. Special Prawn (Dry/Gravy)

Chicken Tikka Chilli (6 Pieces)

12 Pcs

Ginger Onion Prawn (Dry/Gravy)

Chicken Cashew & Chilli (Dry/Gravy)

12 Pcs

Ginger Garlic Prawn (Dry/Gravy)

Chicken Chilli Garlic Dry

Chicken Pepper Dry

Lemon Chicken Gravy

8 Pcs

Chicken Schezuan (Dry/Gravy)

Chicken Garlic (Dry/Gravy)

8 Pcs

Chicken Sliced (Dry/Gravy)

12 Pcs

Chicken Hunan With Sauce

12 Pcs

Chilli Garlic Fish (Dry/Gravy)

Chicken Ginger Garlic (Dry/Gravy)

Chicken Shanghai Dry

8 Pcs

Chicken Manchurian (Dry/Gravy)

8 Pcs

Chicken C.I.Special(Dry/Gravy)

12 Pcs

Chilli Garlic Prawn (Dry/Gravy)

Chicken Crispy Kunjee Chicken

Ginger Garlic Fish (Dry/Gravy)

Manchurian Fish (Dry/Gravy)

Chicken 65 Dry

12 Pcs

Lunch Menu 11AM to 3 PM

Veg Chinese Thali

(Rice Or Veg Hakka, Manchurian Or Paneer, Veg Soup & Starter)

Veg Thali

(Tandoori Roti 2, Rice, Dal, 2 Vegetables)

Chicken Chinese Thali

(Chkn Fri. Rice Or Chkn Hakka, Chicken, Chkn Soup, Starter)

Chicken Thali

(Tandoori Roti 2, Rice, Dal, Chicken)

Fish Thali

(Tandoori Roti 2, Rice, Dal, Fish/ Prawn)

Veg Starters

Paneer Tikka

6 Pcs

Schezuan (D/G)


Veg Mayonnaise Roll

Chicken Mayonnaise Roll


Veg Manchow Soup

Veg Clear Soup

Veg Sweet & Corn Soup

Veg C.I.Special Soup

Veg Talumein Soup

Veg Lemon Coriander Soup

Veg Hot & Sour Soup

Veg Mushroom Soup

Veg Noodles Soup

Chkn C.I.Special Soup

Chkn Sweet Corn Soup

Chkn Manchow Soup

Chkn Hot & Sour Soup

Chkn Clear Soup

Chkn Noodles Soup

Chkn Lemon Coriander Soup

Chicken Talumein Soup

Chicken Mushroom Soup

Starters (Chinese)

Mushroom Salt N Pepper

Veg Momo Steam

Paneer Wraps

Paneer Pakora

Paneer Salad

Finger Chips

Paneer On Skewers

Spring Roll

Paneer Chilli Pizza

Paneer Roll

Crispy American Corn

Veg Momo Fried

Chicken Cashew Chilli (Dry/Gravy)

Chicken On Skewers

Garlic Chicken Dry half

Chicken Salad

Chicken Cutlet

Grilled Chicken

Chicken Lollypop 8 Pcs

Chicken Pakora

Tandoori Chicken Chilli

Garlic Chicken Gravy

Chicken Wraps

Fish & Chips

Chicken Tikka Chilli

Chicken Momo Steam

Crispy Konjee Chicken

Chicken Lollypop 4 Pcs


Veg Burger

Chilli Paneer Burger

Veg Burgar

Paneer Burger

Special Chicken Burger

Chilli Paneer Burger

Paneer Burger

Veg Burger With Mayo

Chicken Burger

Chilli Chicken Burger

Basil Chicken Burger

Shredded Chicken Burger

Chicken Burger With Mayo

Basil Chicken Burger

Chicken Burger

Chicken Burger

Special Chicken Burger

Shredded Chicken Burger

Chilli Chicken Burger


Veg Crispy Crusty Pizza

Paneer Stir Fried Pizza

Paneer Basil Pizza

Paneer Manchuria Pizza

Paneer Schezuan Pizza

Peneer Pepper Pizza

Paneer Shanghai Pizza

Peneer Ginger & Garlic Pizza

Peneer Garlic Pizza

Schezuan Paneer Special Pizza

Veg Pizza

Chicken Basil Pizza

Chicken Chilli Pizza

Chicken Pepper Pizza

Chicken Tikka Pizza

Chicken Pizza

Chicken Schezuan Pizza

Chicken Special Pizza

Chicken Stir Fried Pizza

Chicken Garlic Pizza

Chicken Shanghai Pizza